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Rue de Jarente, Paris 4<sup>e</sup>, 19-Jun-2016
Rue de Jarente, Paris 4e, 19-Jun-2016

You can jump to pages about specific aspects of Data Quality from the menu below, but first...

If you are not prepared to fix data quality issues in your organisation, then you might as well save yourself some time and not bother reading the rest of this section.

Of course, you may be willing to get into the detail and actually improve the quality of the data in your organisation, but Dumas might not be prepared to put any resources into the job. Surprisingly, to me, Dumas wants to stand up and give presentations about his wide-ranging data quality initiatives, but he doesn't want to spend any money on fixing data quality problems. In one organisation where I worked, Dumas employed a highly-paid consultant for International Data Quality. She organised conferences and workshops, flying people in from around Europe. They talked about initiatives and frameworks and maturity levels, but she and her colleagues never fixed a single data quality issue. Not one. I am not interested in that approach and nothing I say here will help anyone who wants to do things that way.

I hope that you will read on, and that these pages will help you to improve data quality in your organisation.